The Chinese Millennials are so Romantic…

Over this past 2018 summer I had the good fortune of being asked to go to China and teach visual storytelling to large groups of young filmmakers. I traveled to 4 cities Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu. What struck me as interesting and surprising is across the board when I asked about current films they were into almost all of them said “Call Me By Your Name.”

Wait – what? A Gay romantic love story set in Italy. Interesting, unexpected and very counter culture, because films like this are not easily seen in China, you have to have VPN which is a Virtual Private Network to even get on the internet in China. I am not sure if the film was publicized in China but they all seem to know it really well. I thought that was quite charming,

They just all fell in love with the love story. So don’t believe what you read in the papers – in China they for sure believe in love.

Liz Hinlein